Best massage…EVER!

Massage is such a critical piece to helping us “stress less”. We store the hormones for our emotions in our muscle and fat cells and often times the best way to get it out, is to rub it out!

Just about every where I go I seek out the best massage therapist I can find. I’ve had Ayurvedic massage in Bali, Thai massage in Mexico, Russian Banya massage in Denver, and a thousand other massages in between. And I can honestly say I’ve found the BEST MASSAGE THERAPIST IN THE WORLD here in Chicago at Allyu Spa.I found Freddie during my recovery from my stress fracture and I’ve not gone to another massage therapist since!

Freddie’s hands are honestly like a gift from God. The minute he softly lays his hands over the blanket on your back you can feel his healing energy begin to work its magic. Unlike many therapists, each massage with Freddie is an entirely new experience, his focus, his technique, his pressure, all designed to cater to your body’s needs and sensitivities at that given moment. Amazingly, each time he manages to find those tiny little spots that you had no idea even existed, and some how he manages to melt away the tightness and the tension of even the most stubborn and persistent muscles.

His massages do tend more on the therapeutic side than the relaxation side, often times twisting and turning you into just the right position in order to get at even the hardest to reach knots. Because of this more therapeutic approach you do chat with him a little more than you would normally as he asks you how a certain spot is feeling or asking you to breath in a specific way in order to help him achieve his goal of making you feel better than when you walked in.

The only downfall is he only works on the weekends and he does get booked up rather quickly, so be sure to plan ahead, and don’t forget to tell them I sent you.

Freddie @ Allyu Spa, 600 W Chicago at Larabee, 312-755-1313

Peace, Love & Happiness – Mel.



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One Comment on “Best massage…EVER!”

  1. September 2, 2011 at 2:21 am #

    Love the site Mel and so excited for you. Have a wonderful weekend celebrating 4 amazing years with John! xoxo

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