My obsession with Vega

I’m crazy about making my morning shake. It’s become the ritual that I look forward to each morning, and when I’m traveling it’s a huge source of stress to find somewhere I can get one. I just don’t feel like my day is off to a great start without it.

I’ve always added a protein powder. In the beginning it was soy, and then I realized I had the same allergic reaction to soy that I do to dairy so I went on the hunt for something new. I didn’t want whey since I have an allergic reaction to dairy. And the majority of whey and soy products are made with isolate which is almost impossible for the body to digest and process, not to mention that it can contain dangerous toxins. Which led me to Garden for Life’s Raw Protein powder, a vegan option void of the allergens I was trying to eliminate from my morning breakfast.

Until I found Vega.

Vega was created with Brendan Braizer, a Vegan Triathlete. Their Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer is what I use in my shake. It’s chock full of all the good stuff and none of the bad. Its plant-based formula includes plant protein, fiber, and antioxidants, plus, it has 50% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals including, Omega-3, EFA, enzymes, probiotics and phytonutrients. One powerful little scoop of goodness!

I also use the Vega Pre-Workout Sport Drink before every run, ride, or workout. It might all be in my head, but I swear when I start my workout with this stuff, I feel like I can lift more, run faster, and pedal with more power. If my most recent 10K PR (:50:11) is any indication of its affects, I’ll keep taking it for sure.

I’ve found the best deals are on Amazon, and you can sometimes find good deals on the Vega website as well. If you’re looking to just try it and see what you think, I’d try Whole Foods and buy a couple of 1oz packets and try them for a couple of days – all the yummy-ness with no commitment.

And keep your eyes posted here. I’m working on trying to become a distributor so I can pass the savings on to you!

As always, if you try it, don’t forget to stop back here and let me know how you like it. Or better yet, if you come up with an amazing recipe, I’d love to try it!

Peace, Love and Happiness – Mel


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