Archive | October, 2011

You had me at, Hello!

Lately, I can’t help but notice just how people’s perspective is so inward rather than out. It seems wherever I am everyone seems to be in their own little world, on their own little planet, oblivious to, or maybe just ignoring, just about everything that’s going on around them, unless of course it has something […]

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Give yourself a break

Somebody asked me the other day, “How do you do it? You have so much going on, do you sleep like 2 hours a day?” We had been speaking about my new adventure as a health coach, as well as my company Sprout Strategy, and all the other varied things I have going on in […]

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Creating our own stress

Let’s face it, modern life just is stressful, it moves at a faster pace, expectations are higher than they’ve ever been and there’s more have-to and want-to things to fit into each day, week, month and year, than ever before. But the reality is in most cases we create our own stress. Case in point: […]

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