Archive | October, 2012

The Ultra 2000 LOVE Blaster

On Sunday morning I attended a workshop where we were given the rare treat of being blessed with a talk by the author, Marianne Williamson. Even if you don’t recognize her name you probably recognize her famous quote: Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful […]

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Swallowing my own medicine: non-negotiables and meditation

Meditation. It’s such a loaded word. It’s associated with hope and fear, enlightenment and darkness, pain and happiness. Like anything I believe it’s the “starting” that’s the hardest. Everyone says all you need to do is start with 5-minutes, “Just give it 5-minutes. 5-minutes of being still is all it takes to get started,” is […]

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The power to choose

So often we are faced with desires, requirements, and an unexplained need to define ourselves in order to feel like we’re making progress along this crazy journey called life. We create statements, reminders, and to do lists to help us feel a sense of belonging, accomplishment, or at the very least a sense of maintaining […]

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