Archive | February, 2013

Perfect. A four letter word.

They say we teach what we most need to learn. Within the past few weeks I’ve caught myself procrastinating, and sometimes abandoning, my desires for what I want, because I didn’t think it was “perfect” or that I wouldn’t be able to perform “perfectly.” I was beating myself up, and then, the other day, a […]

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How was the challenge created?

I received an interesting message today that at first upset me, and then I took a step back and put myself in his shoes and realized if I were him I would feel the same way. He accused me of copying his challenge program. When I read it, I could see why, they are very […]

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It’s time to GO BEYOND!

It’s February! How’s the New Year’s “eat healthy, exercise more, lose weight, tone up, feel amazing” resolution coming? I’m going to guess if you’re like me, and millions of others out there, it’s buried somewhere on the bottom of the longer than your arm “to do” list, and everything else except for eating kale and […]

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