It’s time to GO BEYOND!

It’s February! How’s the New Year’s “eat healthy, exercise more, lose weight, tone up, feel amazing” resolution coming? I’m going to guess if you’re like me, and millions of others out there, it’s buried somewhere on the bottom of the longer than your arm “to do” list, and everything else except for eating kale and making it to the gym has become a priority.

I have an answer for you that will kick your bootie right into shape. Now is the best time to re-engage and re-align and push our body, minds and souls to the top of the list. It’s time to elevate our expectations of ourselves, it’s time to push ourselves and prove to ourselves we’re capable of more than we imagine, because when we get all our cells firing on all cylinders we’re literally unstoppable! It’s time to Go Beyond!


The Go Beyond Challenge is a “life sport” you’ll play with your friends, family, colleagues, and most importantly with yourself over 8 weeks. Starting February 25 you’ll challenge yourself to a simple, but very deliberate daily plan that includes the activities and behaviors necessary to make your body, mind and soul rise to the top of the to-do list. You’ll eat, drink, sweat, stretch, meditate and dream your way to a stronger body, a sharper mind, an open heart, the happiest life ever, and create the foundation to be totally awesome!

This is not a crazy, all-out, insane workout or cleanse program. Nope. Nor is this about creating new habits (I just hate the idea of breaking habits and creating habits). Nope. This IS you making a commitment to yourself to up your game, go for your highest potential, and set a stage from which you can achieve some truly amazing and down right awe-inspiring things this year.

This is not a competition per se, but it is a “sport”. Yes there will be prizes, but it will be based on your honesty, your integrity, your word. So this is just as much about sportsmanship as it is about actually participating in the sport.

Go Beyond Challenge – 60-days to a stronger, healthier, happier body/mind/soul

Here’s how it works:

You will be challenged each day for 8-weeks to meet specific requirements in 6 areas: EAT, DRINK, SWEAT, STRETCH, MEDITATE, AND DREAM. You’ll receive daily points (see below), which you will track, for completing the following daily requirements in each of the six life areas successfully:

  1. EAT: No wheat, soy, corn, dairy, sugar or processed food. You’ll also take one supplement of your choice each day for 8 weeks – EFA oil (no fish oil), probiotics, vitamin D or a whole food multi
  2. DRINK: Drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water a day
  3. SWEAT: 15 minutes of active movement per day. That’s all, 15 minutes…anyone can do 15 minutes! This is where you get to make the challenge yours. All you’re required to do is do some sort of active movement 15 minutes everyday. That can mean yoga, taking a brisk walk with the dog, doing push-ups and sit-ups while you’re listening to a boring conference call. It doesn’t matter to me as long as you’re moving your body in an active manner and the intention is for active movement and not relaxation. I encourage you to break a sweat and really workout (at least 30-minutes per day) five days a week, but the requirement is only 15-minutes.
  4. STRETCH: Stretch 10-minutes a day. You can do it one session, you can break it up, do it at your desk, roll it out on a roller, or do it in the yoga studio. And it’s only 10 minutes. Stretching is the key that allow you to keep your body moving easily into your old age
  5. MEDITATe: 10 minutes a day. This is about calming your mind, slowing down, being still, and stepping into your true potentiality and becoming aintegral part of the Uni-verse. Awesomeness happens when we’re connected on a higher level to the world around us and the best way to do this is through meditation.
  6. DREAM: Get some sleep damn it! You cannot be your greatest self if you’re tired. The one with the most energy wins! Your goal is to feel rested. Do whatever you need to do, sleep as long as you need to sleep, but your requirement is to wake up feeling like you’re rested and ready to take on the day. If you feel like you want to roll over and sleep more, you haven’t slept enough.

TOTAL TIME COMMITMENT PER DAY: 35 MINUTES (not including eating and sleeping and approximately 2 minutes for posting your daily results)


Here’s how the GAME is played:

After you sign-up you’ll receive a welcome packet – no later than Friday, February 22 – with all of the details and information. You will be required to join the Go Beyond Challenge Facebook Group and post your success at meeting the daily requirements. Prior to starting your challenge you’ll receive your instructions for completing your baseline challenge and taking your measurements.


There’s two ways to play the game:

  1. The OPEN Challenge: Anyone can play. As an OPEN participant you’ll receive entry into the Challenge, daily tracking, invitation to the private Challenge Facebook group, Facebook coaching, and be eligible for prizes at the end of the Challenge
  2. The VIP Challenge: If you become a VIP Challenge participant you’ll get everything included in the Open, PLUS: 4 group coaching sessions that will give you tips and tricks for succeeding and winning the Challenge, 1 thirty-minute personal laser coaching session, and a 10% discount on any 2013 Tulia coaching program.

Here’s how it works in detail:

  1. Sign-up here
  2. Choose to participate in the OPEN Challenge ($97) or in the VIP Challenge ($347)
  3. Receive your welcome packet via email
  4. Join the Go Beyond Challenge Facebook Group
  5. Conduct your baseline challenge and take measurements prior to February 25 (details upon signing up)
  6. Report your baseline challenge to Melissa via personal email
  7. Track your daily success for each day of the challenge via Facebook and #gobeyond
  8. On April 21 repeat your baseline challenge and measurements and report to Melissa via personal email
  9. Winners will be announced via live webinar on Tuesday, April 23


Tracking Your Success (The Points)

Each day of the challenge you’ll track your points for each of the life areas. You get points for meeting the daily requirements successfully. The points for each life area will be tracked and reported on the Facebook page follows

  • Eat: 5 total points. Your supplement counts for 1 point each day. You’ll receive 4 points for how successfully you follow the eating regimen. For every food on the no list you eat you’ll deduct one point, up to 4 total points.
  • Drink: 1 point for drinking your full requirement of water. 0 points for anything less
  • Sweat: 1 point for every day you successfully met the 15 minute active movement requirement
  • Stretch: 1 point for stretching 10 minutes/day. 0 points for anything less
  • Meditate: 1 point for meditating 10 minutes/day. 0 points for anything less
  • Dream: 1 point for feeling rested when you wake each morning.
  • Bonus Points: Every two weeks a bonus challenge will be issued where you’ll have the opportunity to earn 10 additional points. You can choose to participate in the challenge or not, it’s totally up to you.

Total of 10 points available per day

YES, There are prizes!

At the end of the day, will you celebrate the fact you won a few hundred bucks or will you celebrate the fact you have more energy than when you were in high school, you’re sleeping like a baby, you look hotter than ever and you are the happiest you’ve been since you don’t remember when?

So, while prizes will be awarded at the end of the challenge, I would highly suggest you create your own personal rewards and challenges. This is not about being perfect, nor is it about gaining the most muscle or losing the most weight. This is about you making a commitment to yourself to show up for yourself everyday, to be better than you were when you started, and to prove to yourself that you can indeed reach your highest potential if you unleash your body, mind and soul and simply set your intentions and focus on the most important thing…YOU!


33% total number of daily points (commitment success)

33% total increase in your baseline challenge (fitness success)

33% total percentage improvement in your measurements (physical success)

The Prize Pool

Prizes will be determined based on the number of participants paid and entered.

Prize #1 – Person with highest commitment success (daily requirements)

Prize #2 – Person with the greatest fitness improvement (baseline challenge)

Prize #3 – Person with the best physical improvement (measurements)

OVERALL PRIZE – Person with the best overall score


That’s it! If you have further questions or concerns just email me or hit me up here in the comment section.

I’ll be participating too and I’m looking forward to seeing where I stack up against all of you. I think taking out crackers (processed foods) is definitely going to be my nemesis, but meditating is where I might need to push myself. Where do you need to push yourself? It’s time to GO BEYOND!

Peace, Love & Health – Mel

PS: Don’t forget to invite your friends, the more the merrier, and the bigger the prize pool.


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