How was the challenge created?

I received an interesting message today that at first upset me, and then I took a step back and put myself in his shoes and realized if I were him I would feel the same way. He accused me of copying his challenge program. When I read it, I could see why, they are very very close, and I realized I too would be annoyed and hurt.

So, I’d like to set the record straight and give you all a little background of how the Go Beyond Challenge was born.

The idea was actually a product of a really great corporate program I designed last year for my corporate health client, SHI, in Austin. During the year, I worked with their Top Gun Sales group  and we dove into the good the bad and the ugly of eating, working out, sleeping, and de-stressing. At the end of the program they were tested on everything we’d done during the year with a team Adventure Race. Team #1, Team Double Dare, won by a big margin and did an amazing job. But all 5 teams finished and they all proved they’d really taken everything they’d learned over the year to heart. Tears ran down my face when the last person crossed the finish line because I couldn’t believe they had trusted their health to me, but more so because it was SO cool to see how far they’d come, and what they were actually capable of.

Team #1 Double Dare SHI Top Gun Adventure Race

I wanted this same thing for all of you.

I also wanted to be able to take the cleanses you all are so familiar with and add a twist, something that could be fun and interactive, something that would play to the competitor in all of us, because I saw my SHI Top Gun group thrive in that environment. The cleanses are great, but for many they can be really really challenging, and they leave out the sweating element, which as many of you know is high on my priority list. I then remembered a Biggest Loser Challenge some close friends of mine and I did in early 2010. We all put $100 into the kitty and the top three people who lost the most weight split the pot. It was awesome! We all had a goal and we were all eager to prove to each other we could win that pot of money.

I wanted this same thing for all of you.

And finally, one of my own personal goals that I’ve let fall by the way side has been meditation. I’ve spoken with so many of you who struggle with this as well. After taking Deepak Chopra’s 21 Day Abundance Meditation Challenge, I thought how cool would it be if you were able to incorporate meditation into a workout and eating challenge.

I wanted this same thing for all of you.

So, I took all of these ideas and just merged them together with the inspiration from my Chicago trainer, Jenna Morris, who would take our measurements to see what physical progress we were making in bootcamp. Because all of you are on different paths I wanted to make sure everyone could do the challenge and have a goal that would benefit them whether they were trying to lose weight or gain muscle.

And from there, hours and hours of brainstorming took place to figure out how to make this a fun challenge, include as many people as possible, give everyone, not just the fittest people, a chance to win prizes, and that’s where the points system was created. It seemed logical that you would get 10 points per day, and that food would be the most important since that’s what I preach and teach every single day. And I felt like I really needed to give you all the benefit of the doubt that if you were going to play you were going to be honest and you’d be in it more for the opportunity to push yourself than for the promise of some amount of money at the end.

For me it’s exciting that the program the other gentleman created and mine are so similar as it validates that this idea was a really great idea. But I’m sorry that they were so similar, that it caused someone else to be hurt and mad. I only wish my idea was as great as their. And I will tell you that their program has been around longer and has a real points tracking system, and  is actually 1/2 the cost. So if cost is an issue for you, but you’re still interested in doing a challenge then you should visit their website and sign up for their program so you can reap the benefits of becoming as happy and healthy as you possibly can be. They are the Whole Life Challenge and you can sign up for their challenge here.

It’s time to Go Beyond, no matter who you do it with or where you do it, it’s only important that you do it!

Peace, Love & Health – Mel


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