Discover Your Personal Power

Tools for empowering your unique voice, identify your gifts and play to your strengths

 If you’re ready to stop defining yourself by what you do or what you own and start defining yourself by who you are and how you can best contribute to making this amazing world a better place, you’re in for a real treat!

Several years ago I discovered these two amazing self-discovery tools – Emergenetics and Archetypes – and I’ve been using them to guide my experience, my decision, and assist me in my personal self-expression for over a decade. They’ve not only helped me figure out my personal life path, but also my career path and provided me with a solid foundation for building my now THREE businesses as a brand strategist, business coach, and health coach.

I have witnessed dramatic changes in myself and those who’ve worked with me when they use these insightful tools:

  • You realize why certain behaviors, relationships, and experiences feel good and others don’t
  • You begin to understand where they derive your energy from and what sucks the life out of you
  • You start to see ways to connect more deeply and intimately with others
  • You confidently take a leadership role in your business and your life
  • You not only discover your passion but for the first time you understand how you can actually live out your passions, on your terms, in your own unique way.

When you’re able to identify what your patterns and preferences are and understand they are not only part of “who you are” but they are a result of our greater social consciousness it’s like unlocking your destiny – you become electric, sparkling with curiosity, lit up with the desire to express yourself fully and become who you were meant to become.


Once you have the knowledge of how you prefer to think and behave and connect with your core defining Archetypes you have a launching point for your beliefs and values, you can understand what drives and motivates your actions, and you can see more clearly how you can best connect with others. Once that happens you have a road map for how to organize, prioritize and energize all the dynamics and relationships in your life.

We can’t be fully expressed until we know who we are, we can’t know who we are until we take the time to learn

Not only are these tools useful for you and your business, they empower you with an amazing sense of empathy and understanding for your clients. Essentially these two wonderful tools can help you affect change in your clients faster:

  • Can you imagine being able to instantly get on their map and understand their perspective before your first session?
  • How would you like to understand the reasons behind why you connect with some clients instantaneously and why others can sometimes be a struggle?
  • What if you had key information about yourself that would help you define your brand and use marketing communications more effectively?

“The better you know yourself the more highly equipped you are to affect change in others.”

I’ve always been fascinated by what makes people tick – why they do, say, and think the way they do, what makes one person more likable than another, why some people seem to be living out their amazing story so easily while others seem to be in a constant struggle and fight. It’s utterly fascinating, isn’t it?

Identifying your thinking and behavioral preferences and learning your core defining archetypes requires two assessments.

1. The Emergenetics (EGI) Profile

Your EGI Profile is the result of a brain-based psychometric assessment that highlights your thinking and behavioral PREFERENCES. I was introduced to EGI years ago through the Junior League of Denver and went on to become a Certified Emergenetics Associate so I could use this thinking and behavioral preference assessment in my strategy business, Sprout Strategy, where I used it regularly to  provide me deeper insights into the consumers of the brands that hired me. Today, in my health coaching practice I have all my clients take the assessment before I start working with them so I know, even before we have our first session, how I can best connect with them to help them get results. You see a social thinker is going to need a much different approach than an analytical thinker. It’s a beautiful tool that uses a 100-question assessment used to identify your PREFERENCES for thinking and behaving. It measures four thinking preferences – analytical, structural, social and conceptual – and three behavioral preferences – assertiveness, expressiveness and flexibility. It’s the only assessment of it’s kind that separates out thinking and behaviors, and measures your “preferences” based on genetic and environmental influences using neuroscience as its basis for understanding. Essentially it gives you a “picture of your brain” that allows you to quickly understand and is easily applied to understanding others once you know and understand the basic principles.

2. Your Core Defining Archetypes

Archetypes were first developed by the psychologist Carl Jung, using them in his theory of the human psyche. Jung saw archetypes as the quintessential navigational tools of the psyche, providing a gateway between the conscious mind and the unconscious that could help us in becoming integrated human beings. He believed universal mythic characters reside within the collective sub-conscious of people all over the world. Archetypes represent fundamental human motifs of our experience as we evolved; consequently they evoke deep emotional meaning. Most, if not all, of us have all the archetypes at play in our personality, however there are actually four main archetypes that seem to dominate our own personal stories and play a significant role in how we live out our lives. By understanding which archetypes are at play within ourselves, we gain personal insight into our own behaviors, perspectives and motivations, and can begin to recognize patterns in others which help us understand their actions, beliefs, and desires more clearly as well. Furthermore, by learning the language of archetypes we can learn how to attract the exact types of people we’d most like to work with.

Curious about what might be influencing your behaviors, motivations, beliefs and thinking patterns? if you’re interested in learning what your EGI profile is and which Archetypes are central to the expression of your personal story, I’ve got something totally awesome for you!

For now, this is a one-time exclusive opportunity for coaches. It’s simply a fantastic way to give you a clearer picture of, well, YOU in a simple online format – no classes, no masterminds, one optional Q&A call , and a whole lot of juicy information about what’s driving the things you think and do.

You’ll take the two separate assessments, which will give you your EGI Profile (your thinking and behavioral preferences) and your core defining Archetypes. I’ve made two detailed webinars giving you everything you need to know in order to read, understand and put your profiles into action. Then, just in case you still have questions, I’m going to host a 90-minute Q&A call where you can ask any question you like related to your profiles. Super simple. Your profile, a bunch of information, and a ton of fun!

Here’s what you’ll get when you register

  • Both the EGI and Archetypes Assessment (The EGI Profile is only available through an Certified EGI Associate like me)
  • Personal EGI Profile delivered in PDF format via email
  • In-depth EGI Webinar – what it is and how to interpret and use your profile
  • 32-page Archetype presentation outlining the 12 main archetypes, 3 emerging archetypes
  • Archetypes Webinar – in depth explanation of each archetype, how they work and how you can use them to understand yourself and others more deeply
  • 90-min LIVE CALL increase your mastery of both of these tools and learn how to use them effectively in both your personal and business life

Coaches One-time Exclusive – $197


Here’s how it all works:

  1. When you register your receipt will contain the following:
    1. A link to take the EGI assessment along with your special code. This special code is required to take the EGI assessment
    2. A PDF copy of the Archetypes assessment and an easy to use Excel file that will help you easily calculate your core defining Archetypes
    3. A PDF description of each of the 12 Archetypes.
    4. A link to an online recorded webinar that will give you everything you need to know to understand your Archetypes
    5. You’ll take both assessments and watch the Archetypes webinar at your leisure, whenever it’s convenient for you
    6. On December 16 you’ll receive via email the link to watch the EGI webinar, please watch this before the Live Q&A Call on December 19.
    7. Then on the evening of Thursday December 19 4pPST/7pEST we’ll get together for a LIVE 90-minute Call where I’ll walk you through how to use your newly gained knowledge with your clients and how you can use them to develop your personal brand and write copy. I’ll also take any questions regarding the assessments themselves, how to interpret your results or how to use them in your business and personal lives.

I honestly believe these tools have been essential in helping me create and build my businesses and getting to know myself more intimately. Once you have the knowledge and understanding these two tools provide you’ll have the power to make deeper connections with your clients and craft the life and business you’ve always wanted

Once you know how your thinking preferences and archetypal patterns work, you will start to observe their influence in your thoughts, your personality, your behavior, your relationships and be able to explain the previously unexplainable  personal myths and symbols and use them as assets in achieving your life’s purpose.

With these tools you’ll be unstoppable. The benefits of these two tools is literally limitless – stronger bonds and instant rapport with your clients are just the beginning. These tools will also play a big role in helping you write more authentic and effective copy, help you attract rather than search for the clients you most want to work with, and help you feel a whole lot less “salesy” in your closing the deal conversations. With this understanding you’ll create a level of intimacy and understanding you never even knew existed.

I look forward to seeing the beautiful pictures of all your amazing brains and super excited to hear about which Archetypes you’re expressing in your life. Don’t forget to click here to register.

I look forward to hearing all about your profiles on Thursday, December 19.

With buckets full of gratitude,


PS: If you’re not a coach, and still interested in taking the assessments, head on over to the Facebook Page and leave me a message – or leave a message below in the comments section!


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